Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Lovatics by Demi by New York Color Swatches and Review

*Products Sent To Me For Review

Hey guys!

Today I have another makeup post for you guys. 

I was sent some of the new products from Demi's line by New York Color, Lovatics. The people over at NYC sent me an email showing me some of the products from her new line she is coming out with in their brand. I loved some of them, so I asked if I could get some to review for my blog.

I was sent a lovely eyeshadow palette and a tube of one of her mascaras. I can't wait to show you guys everything!

Here are the two items that were sent to me:

I was sent a Lovatics by Demi palette in natural, and her Lovatics by Demi volume and length mascara.

First up, I have the mascara for you guys. I did a couple coats on both my top and bottom lashes. In the photo, the mascara is on my lashes of my left eye, and the right eye shows my lashes without mascara, so you can see how it looks with and without.

This is a really nice mascara. With a couple more coats, you can get your lashes pretty long and dramatic. Just be sure not to put too many coats, or it can get a little clumpy and messy. Overall, I really love this mascara.

Next up, I have the natural palette to show you. This is a 12 eyeshadow palette.

I swatched these on my arm in fours.

Here are the first four. All of these are either metallics or mattes. Colors in order are light beige, light rose gold, beige, and light copper.

They all are pretty light. The first two and the fourth are metallic and shimmery. The third one, beige, comes off more matte.

Next up, these four! They are tan, rose gold, light brown, and chocolate.

These four are all pretty light and hard to tell on my tan skin. I did a good sweep of each color and they still were light. The only one that was right was the chocolate one on the far right. The first and fourth ones are matte and the middle two are metallic.

The last four of the palette! These are the darkest of them all. Another brown, dark brown, grey-black, and slate.

All four of these are mattes, but the first one has a little bit of shimmer. The first one, brown, is very light, as is the dark brown that comes off a little grey. The other two are more rich.

Application on these are great. Nudes in my opinion don't need to be rich as they are meant to be nude and not too flamboyant, so these are great. I really like this palette. I am not a nude eyeshadow person at all, but this is still a really well done palette with a wide range of shades. I think this palette could rival any of the more high-end nude palettes out there, from Loreal, Maybelline, Urban Decay, and others.

I have yet to see these in stores so I don't know yet on the pricing, but since they are from the guys at New York Color, you will expect them to be super affordable!

Well, that's all I have for you guys! I will talk to you all later, bye!

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