Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Polish Diva and Leesha's Lacquer Giveaway Extravaganza!

Hey guys!

Today I have something really exciting for you guys.

Recently, I was sent a package full of Leesha's Lacquer polishes, as we always are sending each other packages.

I received a bunch of duplicates, so I decided I would share the wealth with you guys. I told Alicia from Leesha's Lacquers, and asked if she wanted to join in on my giveaway, and she was so excited and said of course!

We bring to you guys an epic giveaway of mammoth proportions. Here it is:

In our extravaganza of a giveaway, there will be four prize packages. Grand Prize, first place, second place, and a special Leesha's Lacquer winner.

Here is what is up for grabs:

The Grand Prize winner will receive all of these polishes from Leesha's Lacquer, all glitter packed:

Biboon- 15ml
Revolution (Limited Edition 2017) - 15ml
Biboon - 7.5ml
Intergalactic Impact - 7.5ml
Meteor Shower - 7.5ml
No Name Red - 7.5ml
Memegwesi - 7.5ml

The first place winner will receive five holo/metallic polishes:

Unnamed Beige - 15ml
Mellow Yellow - 15ml
Strawberry Daiquiri - 15ml
Unnamed Green - 7.5ml
Unnamed Blue - 7.5ml

The second place winner will receive all of thee hand and nail treatments:

Hemp Oil Lotion in Fruit Loop - 2 fl oz
Quick Dry Top Coat - 15ml
Quick Dry Top Coat in Mango Paradise - 5ml
Matte Top Coat - 7.5ml
Cuticle Oil - 7.5ml

Each winner, in my opinion, is getting a wonderful prize package and should be excited no matter what they receive. They all get a great chance to try out Leesha's Lacquers and find out why I love her polishes so much.

For the special Leesha's Lacquer prize winner, Alicia is giving away:


The Gleam widget to enter is below:

The Polish Diva and Leesha's Lacquer Giveaway Extravaganza!

I hope you all enjoy the giveaway and good luck to everyone! 

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  1. Thank you for the chance.