Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Sally Hansen and Rimmel: New Summer Offerings!

*Products Sent to Me

Hey guys!

I am back today with a great post, coming to you from Sally Hansen and Rimmel.

I was sent some lovely new products from the makers of the two above brands, and I would love to show you guys.

One is a nail polish, and the other is a face tint. 

The first product, show on the left, is Rimmel London's #InstaFLAWLESS, perfecting radiant skin tint. This is in the shade 006 light medium. I have no pics of what this looked like on me. 

This product, in my honest opinion, did nothing for my skin. I put on a decent amount, three or four dime sizes all over my face and neck. Generally, I have oily skin, but nothing too, too bad. This product, it made my skin look more greasy and felt greasy and sticky on and to the touch. As for it making my skin flawless as the name suggests, it does the opposite.

On the back of this product, it states that it provides a natural radiant glow and erases signs of fatigue. It leaves skin hydrated for up to 24hrs while helping to brighten your skin tone. Maybe the greasy look and feel I was getting was moisturization and a glow, but it was too much for me. While this may be a good product for other people, this product doesn't do it for me.

The next two products I have to show you and talk about are Sally Hansen's Color Therapy in Slicks and Stones and the line's top coat. This line is infused with argan oil for healthier nails and the color is supposed to last longer.

This is a dark purple metallic with tons of gold shifting glitter throughout. I did two coats with the top coat.

The glitter in the light appears medium purple instead of gold. Application was great, it went on really well and I had minimal cleanup. The top coat, I didn't test for wear but it went on nicely and was shiny, but to me it wasn't anything super special. If I left it on for a day, then I could probably tell you guys more how it performs.

As far as the color doing anything for my nails, even for the short time I left it on, I am still iffy. Right after I took it off my nails peeled. It says it should provide instant moisture. In my opinion, I don't think it does. My nails were still brittle.

In my opinion, the jury is out for this doing anything special for my nails. Maybe it takes long term wear to see any effects, but for me it is just a normal nail polish. The color is super pretty though. It says on their website that 9 out of 10 women had noticeable improvement in their nails after wearing it, so we will see when I next wear it for an extended period of time if it does what it says.

Well, that's all I have for you guys for now. I will talk to you all later, bye.

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