Saturday, May 13, 2017

Leesha's Lacquers; Holographic Shimmer

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Hey guys!

I am back today with some more Leesha's Lacquers.

This time, the theme of these is holographic shimmer. These all have either holograpic powder, or shimmer. It ranges from a little to overloaded.

Here is a group shot of them all:

The first one that I have up to show you has no name. This one is a light pink with micro shimmer throughout. I did three coats by itself.

Application was great. This is a great color for the start of spring.

Next, this one is called Strawberry Daiquiri. This is a nice, deep magenta filled to the brim with holo. I did three coats by itself.

This is my favorite color of the bunch. I love that it has a bit of a purple color shift and I love how much holo glitter is packed in it.

Third, this one is the sheerest of them all. This is called Raspberry Beret, which I am not sure but I can assume is named after the Prince song of the same name. This is a sheer dark pink that leans purple. I did three coats by itself.

It shows visible nail line, so this one would be good over white, or a sheer pink, or a dark pink.

Next up, the last three I have to show you are in the earth tones category and all have no names. This one is a light brown/beige with micro fine shimmer holo throughout. I did three coats by itself.

I love the micro fine holo shimmer in this, so pretty. This isn't particularly a color I would reach for, but I still do think it is a really nice color.

Fifth up, this one is a darker beige-brown filled with micro scattered holo. I did three coats by itself.

This one was the hardest to get to photograph, in terms of getting the color correct. Every time I tried to photograph it, my camera would give it a green tinge. This one is a little sheer, so I think layering it over another color would be good. I would suggest a light brown or nude.

Last up, this one is the best in terms of holo-ness. This one is black packed to the brim with holo glitter. I did three coats by itself.

I think you all are gonna want this one. It is for lovers of black nail polish, but also would like their basic black taken up a notch. Photographing this polish really makes the holo stand out a lot more than in the bottle.

Well, how did you guys all enjoy this batch of Leesha's Lacquers? All shimmer and holo and so pretty. Let me know what you guys think of these polishes in the comments, cause I know you all are still big into holo!

That's all I have for you guys for now. I will talk to you all later, bye!

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