Saturday, May 6, 2017

Leesha's Lacquer: Citrus Juice

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Hey guys!

I am back with more Leesha's Lacquer today. For the next several posts I am gonna be just showing you guys Leesha's Lacquer polishes because I have so many that I never swatched yet.

This time, I have four lovely citrus polishes. These all have citrus fruit colors, they are very bright and sunny.

Here is a preview of them all:

The first one that I have up to show you is called AU There: I See You Over There. This is a bright sunny yellow filled with gold micro flakes. I did three coats by itself.

This color is much brighter in person and in the bottle. I love how the gold flakes shine in the light.

This next color is called Mellow Yellow. It is a light, subdued yellow filled with micro holo. I did three oats by itself.

I really like how this yellow isn't in your face. This color is great for a nice spring day with your best floral dress!

Third up, this one is called I Don't Carrot All. This is a bright, carrot orange filled with gold micro flakes. I did three coats by myself.

This one was the hardest to apply and hardest to photograph. It could be because I have my polishes near light, but it was a little stringy and clumpy. It was hard to get a focused shot because of all of the glitter and the bright orange. My camera doesn't do well with either of those things.

Last up of the four, this one is called Lime Yours. This is just how it sounds. It is a bright lime green, filled with micro flakes that appear to be green. I did three coats by itself.

I Don't Carrot All and Lime Yours are both thin jellies. Lime Yours is a bit thinner. Three coats and it still shows visible nail line. If that is too much and at that point the polish is ready for the trash, just put a white or light green under it to save it. It is very pretty, to me it doesn't need anything under it.

These are all wonderful colors for spring and summer, very bright and fresh. I would totally recommend all of these colors, though I Don't Carrot All's formula isn't the greatest.

Well, that's all I have for you guys for now. I will talk to you all later, bye.

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