Thursday, March 30, 2017

I Need Your Help With Ideas, Everyone!

Hey guys!

Today, I don't have a manicure to show you, or a haul, or anything in the past I have blogged about.

This is something else different indeed.

For a while I was thinking about this idea, and then I went ahead and just went for it.

It has been a while now since the lovely lady over at Lace and Lacquers has done a Manicure Mondays Giveaway post. For those who have no idea what Manicure Mondays are, it was a weekly blog post where she would compile all of the giveaways that have come up during the week or have been ongoing and were still active up until that Monday.

I was missing the weekly posts, so I asked her if I could take them over and she said I was totally welcome to.

I am here today cause I would like some suggestions, opinions, and help.

I want to change up this feature a little bit. I want to change it from Mondays to Wednesdays. I decided that cause everyone needs something on a Wednesday to get them through the rest of the week. And I also want to change the name up a bit. It is still nail polish giveaways, but I need help thinking of a name that is catchy and that includes Wednesdays.

Then, after the name, I could use some help coming up with a logo or banner or something that I can use each time I do this feature of the week. Of course, I will also need each and every one of your help with links and such to any giveaways you spot before the next Wednesday on pages or blogs or Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, any social media.

I would love to make this a big part of my blog and something to help consistently keep me blogging every week.

So if you guys have any suggestions for a name, let me know. Then let me know of any giveaways you come across.

Thanks to all of my followers who keep up with my blog. I hope you guys are excited for this new feature!

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