Saturday, August 8, 2015

Vintage Polishes Day!: Revlon Oldies

*Polishes Received in Swap

Hey guys!

Today I have some wonderful vintage polishes to show you all that I received in one of the recent swaps that I did.

I got a number of vintage polishes, but the ones that I have to show you here are two of the Revlon ones that came in my package.

These are quite old, I don't even know how old but I can only assume at least from the 90s.

The one on the left is called Lavendare and the one on the right is called Ultra Violet. 

Lavendare is on my middle and pinky fingers. Ultra Violet is on my pointer and ring fingers. 

Lavendare is a dusty purple polish filled with shimmer. I did three coats with topcoat.

Ultra Violet is a gorgeous purple-blue packed with lilac shimmer. The color shift comes out best in bright light. I did three coats with topcoat.

As for the application, they were pretty good for being however told they may be. Not chunky and no pulling. I can't wait to try out the other vintage polishes I got in this box and obtain other ones. I only seriously got into nail polish a few years ago, so no vintage polishes in my stash before this. The oldest ones I have are some Rimmel 60 Seconds nail polishes, in the larger bottles before they changed to mini bottles.

Well, that's all I have for you guys for now. I will talk to you guys later, bye!

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