Monday, June 22, 2015

Sally Hansen Insta-Ombre Swatches and Review

*Products Sent for Review

Hey guys!

I am back today with the second part of the package of polishes that I was sent by the guys over at Sally Hansen.

These polishes are from one of their new lines called Insta-Ombre. They are supposed to give you an ombre look without all of the fuss. Did they do as they were promised? Wait and find out!

I was sent three polishes in this line. Here is a preview of them.

The first one that I have up to show you is called Gold Grade. This is your standard gold glitter polish. Application was great!

Next up, this one is called Cobalt Coat. This is a nice blue and silver glitter polish. Application was great.

Last up, this one is called Copper Cap. This is supposed to be a nice beige color, but to me it appears more of a rose gold. Application was great again.

Per the instructions on the back of the bottle, to get the ombre look, first paint one coat over the entire nail. You wait one minute. Then you paint another coat over just half of the nail. Wait another minute. Lastly, paint one more coat just over the tips of the nails. This method is supposed to give you the ombre look.

Do I think it succeeded and it really gives a full to sparse look that a perfect ombre is supposed to give off? No. Do I think it failed? Not quite that either. It gives a partial look, and the ombre look is better seen if you view your nails from farther away instead of close up. Along with that, I think some colors are just easier to create an ombre look with and others are not. As you can see, the more metallic and copper colors look like they achieved the look while Cobalt Coat kinda missed the mark.

Would I recommend these polishes? If you think you can achieve the right application to make it look ombre, go for it. If you think you can get the right amount of polish in each coat to get the great ombre that we know and love, by all means. These are nice polishes in terms of just straight glitter polishes, though colors are nothing special. I don't recommend nor not recommend them. Basically, I am leaving it up to you guys!

If you think you want to attempt this look, you can pick these up at any store that sells Sally Hansen products, which is basically any mass retailer and drugstore, for $5.99. If you do attempt this look, take a picture and link it to me in the comments, or on my Facebook page.

Well, that's all I have for you guys for now. I will talk to you all later, bye!

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