Sunday, March 22, 2015

Huge Walgreens Haul

*Products Purchased By Me

Hey guys!

I am back today to share with you all a great haul that I did yesterday. Everything I am going to show you, I purchased from Walgreens.

Yesterday they marked down a bunch of cosmetics and hair care products. One associate that worked at that Walgreens, who had the day off, grabbed a lot of the better items. I managed to get the second best items that were there, which is okay with me.

I got eleven items yesterday for just $3.35 total. 8 nail polishes, two eye shadow palettes, and one mirror compact.

Let's start with all of the polishes I picked up, and their prices.

All of the polishes here, except for the last one on the right, I paid $0.10 each for and retail for $1.99 - $2.19. First one is Fantasy Makers by Wet n Wild. This is called Ghouls Rush In and is a bright pink. Next is also from Fantasy Makers. This one is called Roach Busters and is a shimmery neon green.

The next one is from Wet n Wild's Megalast line., and this one is called LAC - My Mani?. This is a plain white creme.

The next four are all Sinful Colors. The first one is Bring It Sheer. This is a shimmery sheer super light mint green. Next to it, that is called Red Eye. This one is a shimmery dark pink. The next one is from Sinful Color's Sinful Shine line. The name of this one is called Spitfire. It is a basic lavender creme. The next one is called Outta Space. This is a frosty ivory.

The last one of the polishes that I picked up is from Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Line. This one is called Blueberry Blast. This one is a nice medium-dark shimmery blue. This is the only one of the polishes that I paid $0.50 for and retails for $3.19.

I next picked up a couple of eyeshadow palettes. First up, my favorite of the two, is from Wet n Wild's Fergie line. This is a ten color rectangle palette. The name of this collection is called Paris Runway. The colors in this collection go from nude to dark, all metallics and all good for going out, or for any time if you are me. I picked this one up for $1, and retails for around $7.

The second palette I got is from LA Colors. This is called Jewel. This one came out during Christmas time. I was almost going to pick it up one day, but changed my mind. Glad I didn't and waited until now. This collection is a bunch of springtime, jewel colors. From pinks, to blues, to purples, greens, and a brown and black. Some are shimmery, some are not. I only paid $0.50 and it retails for $3.

The last thing that I picked up is a mirror compact. This one is from Conair. It is from the Disney's Good vs Evil line. It shows Aurora and Maleficient side by side. I paid $0.50 for it, and I think it retails for at least $5.

Well, that is my entire haul from yesterday's trip to Walgreens. If any of you guys recently stopped by your local Walgreens and found some great deals yourself, let me know in the comments and share some pics!

That's all I have for you guys for now. I'll talk to you all later, bye!

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