Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hard Candy: Just Nails Nail Color - Pink Ombre Kit

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Hey guys!

Today I have a cute little collection to show you. I picked this up maybe a month or so ago at Walmart, when they were doing clearance after Christmas on a lot of their cosmetic products.

I picked up this really cute Hard Candy Just Nails set of mini polishes. This one had a theme, it was pink ombre. This set contained five polishes.

I am only showing you four in this set because one color was given twice.

Here is a preview of all of the colors.

The first one in this set, which has no name and none of them do, is a nice baby pink cream. This one requited two coats by itself. This is a nice color that I think glitters would go really nicely over. Application was fine.

Next up, this one is a night light pink shimmer topper. It appears like glitter on the nails. This would probably look great over the light pink color in this set. I did three coats by itself to see how it built up. Application was great.

This next one I like a lot. This one is a nice medium pink shimmer. I did two coats by itself. It is a little sheer, but I think I like the look after two coats, so I just stopped there. Application was great!

Last up, this one is a nice dark pink shimmer. This one is a little less sheer than the one above, and the darkest in the whole kit. I did two coats by itself, and it has nice coverage. Application was great!

I think this is a great kit and I love that you can make an ombre look with these colors. I wonder how you would do it with going from a cream to a super sheer shimmer, but those more experianced would know better than me. I believe I paid less than $5 for this kit full of five polishes. Oh yes, there are five polishes, I did mention that. The second polish I showed you from this kit, it came with an extra of this color, so I didn't bother to show you it twice.

Well, that's all I have for you guys for now! I'll talk to you all later, bye!

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