Monday, July 21, 2014

Orly Fantasea Swatches and Review

*Product Purchased By Me

Hey guys! Today I have to show you the last of the three Orly polishes that I picked up a few weeks ago at TJMaxx.

This is called Fantasea. This is a purple-fuchsia duochrome. I added LA Colors Craze (the name of the color is actually called craze, I am not stating I used LA Colors: Color Craze, but I did) as an accent on my middle finger.

I did around three coats and topped it off with LA Colors Pro Gel Top Coat on top. It took too long to dryand created some imperfections in the polish which I am sure you guys can tell. I think it was the top coat that did it, plus my impatientness, not the polish itself.

This was a sheer polish so when applied, just like other sheer polishes, it applied splotchy but evened out in several more coats.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I'll talk to all of you guys later, bye!

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