Friday, July 25, 2014

OPI Swatches and Review

*Products either swapped, won, or bought by me

Hey guys! I am back today to show you four wonderful polishes from one of everyone's favorite salon polish brands, OPI.

I have recently come into more OPI polishes than I have had before due to swaps or me buying some. I have gotten three more to add to my collection of three already, so now I am up to 6!

I have four beauties to show you guys today. One you have seen before but I decided to swatch again, and three that I haven't shown you yet.

I will say now, my hands do not like the shape of these bottles, so it was hard to get my regular hand pose on these bottles. I did my best, but it didn't always work out, so I apologize in advance.

The first color that I have up to show you is the one I have shown you guys before, called Austin-tatious Turquoise. This is a nice, bright shimmery sheer turquoise that kind of has duochrome properties. I really love this color, it is so pretty. I did four coats by itself.

The next color I have to show you is called My Address is "Hollywood". This is a nice dusty rose pink with subtle shimmer. It is a little darker than what my swatch shows, my camera had a hard time getting the color correct. I did two coats. Application was great.

Third up, this one is called Muir Muir On the Wall. This is a dark purple/green/pink duochrome. I did around three to four coats. Application was great. The color is sheer, but it builds nicely. I just love this color, but then again, duochromes always do something for me. I just love a great color shift.

This last one is called Stay the Night. This is one of their liquid sand polishes. It is a smokey black texture with pinky-red glitter throughout. I did around two to three coats, some more than others just to even out all of the nails. I love textures, it is just fun to touch! I had trouble getting a good photograph for this one, and also with this one, I just trimmed my nails as one was just about broken, so my nails are a little shorter here. Application was great, just as a texture should apply!

OPI polishes can be purchased in salons and places such at Walmart. They usually run for around $8-$9 each. I know you can also find them at TJMaxx stores, not sure exactly the price per polish, but I think they can be found for around $3 each. Also, I know Nordstrom Rack sells them, but not for such a steal. They sell for a little below $8.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I loved being able to try out more OPI polishes from getting some in swaps and such and be able to show them to you. That's all I have for you guys for right now. I'll talk to you all later, bye!

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