Saturday, May 3, 2014

New York Color: In A New York Minute Swatches and Review

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Hey guys! Sorry it has been a while since I promised you all this post. I was tired lately so I didn't feel like swatching that much, and I was working. Today though, I finished swatching the last three polishes, so now I am here to show you all of these beauties.

I hope you guys enjoy this post. I am sorry if the quality of these photos is not up to par, but my camera just hates me. It never focuses when I take photos at all, I wish I could get a new camera but I can't see spending that much money at once.

Tonight I have to show you guys 7 regular polishes and one special top coat. Some of these polishes are also from some of New York Color's new polish collections too, so these may be the first time you see some of these colors.

Let's get right to the swatches, yes?

The first one that I have up to show you is called MoMa. This is a dark pink cream that leans purple.

I did around two coats. Just to get this out of the way. all of the polishes I did around two coats except for East Village, which I did three. I love this color, it is very pretty and would look great with glitter toppers over. Application was great!

Next up, this one is called East Village. This is a nice metallic green teal polish that photographed with blue tones.

This is such a great color. I just love the shimmer in this. Application was great. It was sheer, but with three coats it evened out just fine.

This one is called Times Square. This one is your typical hot, neon pink cream.

The color is much more hot pink in person, my camera hates generally all polishes. Application was fantastic as usual.

Fourth up, this is called NY Blues. This is a very pretty, sky blue cream polish. You may have seen colors like this many a time before, but I think this one is just fantastic.

This color would look great with glitter toppers as well, or even maybe with a shifter polish. Application was just fine.

Next up, this one is called Sunset Park Pink. This one is a very, very light, cream colored pink polish.

This is a sheer-ish polish, but it builds up great. Application was just fine on this one.

The sixth polish I have to show you is called Robin's Egg Blue. This one is not really blue in my opinion, but more of a mint colored polish.

This is a great color to wear for spring while it is still here, or even for summer maybe. Application was fantastic.

This next one is one of their new top coats. This is their Shimmer Blast, called Sweet Candy. I topped this over Robin's Egg Blue, but probably a wrong choice. It probably works best over darker colors like black or dark blue, but I wanted to use one of the colors I was swatching with.

On this one, I actually did three coats as my camera wasn't picking up the shimmer after two coats. Application was great.

Here are two more swatches that are a little blurry, but show the shimmer more.

The last polish that I have up to show you is called Coral Crush. This is a gorgeous orange tinged coral polish.

The color is a little more bright in person. Application was fantastic, as I have said with every single polish here.

NY Blues, Sunset Park Pink, Robin's Egg Blue, Coral Crush, and Shimmer Blast in Sweet Candy, as far as I know, are all from their recent collections that came out this year, I believe during the past two months. They may not be around for long, so go out now and try to find them in a store near you if they caught your eye!

Well, that's all I have for you guys today. I hope you enjoyed this lost post and stuck it out until the end. I'll talk to you all later, bye!

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