Thursday, April 27, 2017

Leesha's Lacquer: More One of a Kinds

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Hey guys!

I am back today finally with more lovely Leesha's Lacquers polishes.

This time I have a bunch of different glitter toppers and one glitter creme to show you all. In all there are seven polishes that I want you all to see.

Here is a preview of them all:

The first one that I have up to show you is a glitter creme. This one has a light lavender-white base. It is filled with large, medium, and small glitters, ranging from blue, baby pink, fuchsia, and purple. I did three coats by itself.

Out of all of the polishes that I have to show you guys today, this one is my favorite. i really love colors like this. It mixes a base color with glitter so it is like you put on two different nail polishes. The base is thin on this one but with three coats it covers really nicely.

Next up, this one is my second favorite. This one is just a ton of micro pink and white glitter, with some medium purple glitter, in a clear base. The rest of these polishes are glitter toppers, but I'm showing them to you all by themselves.

This is three coats by itself. This would look great over a baby pink, white, or lilac/lavender. It could do well by itself if you have a heavy hand, just a little more glitter on my nails and I could wear this out.

Third up, this one is going a different way. This is an all dark glitter topper. It is made up of small and medium green, silver, purple, and red glitters, and micro black glitters.

This is three coats over three coats of Covergirl Outlast Fuchsia Flame. I really like this glitter combo, it is metallic, dark, but has color to it.

Fourth up, this one goes back to the lighter side. It has micro white and red glitters along with small baby blue glitters, in a clear base. I did three coats by itself.

This mix is different than the others in the way that it has some rectangle shards. I think this glitter topper would do great over a yellow, or white.

Next up, this one packs a big glitter punch. This is filled with so many different colored glitters that all go together. Small, medium, small, and micro glitters. Hexes, rectangles, and circles. Pink, red, blue, green, yellow, orange, black, silver, all in a clear base.

I used a nude colored base coat on my nails before I applied this, so it looks like I have a color underneath, but I did three coats by itself. One of my nails broke before I decided to do this shot, so I apologize for the short nail. I really like glitter packed polishes that look like they just spew rainbows and unicorns, but this one looks like that but also as though the unicorn had rolled in some oil.

Sixth up, this one is all blue! I really love blue polishes, and this one is great. A glitter topper filled with micro, small, medium blue, turquoise, and silver polishes in a clear base. I did three coats by itself.

In the light, this one, to me, appears to have a holo effect. This would be great over a turquoise or aqua, or even a silver or metallic white.

Lastly, this one is all jewel tones and metallic. It is made up of micro, small, and medium gold, metallic green, burgundy, and blue glitters in a clear base.

This one doesn't pick up as much glitter as you see in some of the other swatches here, so this would do best over a gold or metallic green polish. I don't always reach for jewel tones, but I just recently bought these sandals in a maroon color that I think this would go great with, so I would definitely be using this polish.

As always, I love Leesha's Lacquer polishes. I have never had any problems with anything and I am one of her biggest fans. These are all one of a kinds, but if you want, she could probably recreate something similar if you saw a polish you liked.

Well, that's all I have for you guys for now. I will talk to you all later, bye.

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  1. These shades are all so beautiful! Im loving the first one the most :)


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